Points To Remember - Buying Used Motorcycles On eBay

By Allison R Thompson

A person who wishes to buy a used motorcycle has a number of different option open to them today. They can either buy it from someone privately who has advertised in a newspaper or magazine. They could go to their local motorcycle dealer who will often have a large number available as many people will trade in their current bikes for a much newer model. Whilst the other option that is open to them is to buy it through an online auction site and in this article we will take a look at how to buy used motorcycles on the eBay auction site.

In recent months there has been a steady increase in the number of used motorcycles that are now being placed up for sale on sites like eBay. This is simply because their owners have realized that they will often get a much fairer price for it than if they just try to sell it locally. The reason for this being that they have a much wider audience that they are able to advertise their bike to. In fact today there are many motorcyclists who are willing in some cases to travel hundreds of miles because they have found what it is they want through sites like eBay.

However, if you are considering buying a used motorcycle from an auction site like eBay in this article we take a look at certain factors that need to be taken into consideration by you.

Tip 1- It is vital that before you actually begin bidding on any of the motorcycles you see for sale that you read through the seller's description thoroughly. It is this which provides the seller with the opportunity to tell you everything that they think you need to know about the motorcycle in question. If whilst you are reading through the description you find you have some questions that need answering then immediately contact the seller.

Tip 2 - Sometimes you will find that the seller has included photographs of the bike for sale on their auction site listing. But these are usually very basic ones and if you can arrange for them to forward more detailed photographs relating to the tires, engine and wheels etc. Also if you can ask them if they can provide you with copies of any documentation relating to the machine especially in relationship to the who owns the motorcycle for sale. Many should be able to easily do this by scanning the details on to their PC and then forwarding them to you in an email.

Tip 3- It is vitally important that you read through any feedback that has been posted against the seller and see what kind of rating they have achieved. Doing this not only will you be able to quickly see whether they have sold used motorcycles on an auction site before but it makes you feel a little more secure if they have built up a good set of feedbacks.

Tip 4 - Should you find at any stage you have problems making contact with the seller either before you start bidding or once you have bid then immediately stop bidding. Also contact eBay informing them of the situation they will then assist you and if you wish you now actually have the right to retract any bids you have made if you find contacting the seller has become a problem. By doing this eBay has now put the responsibility squarely on their seller's shoulders to make sure that they are available to their potential bidders at all times.

If you keep the above pointers in mind it will help when you are looking at possibly purchasing used motorcycles on eBay. It will help to take the stress out of not knowing whether you can trust the seller or not and will in the end probably up saving you a lot of time and money as well. - 29952

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