How To Choose A Rental Company

By Jason Hall

Leasing a vehicle can be a very simple process if you know what you are looking for. Many people think that they should just go with the company that offers the best base rate, but this can very often wind up costing you more than a company that starts with a slightly higher rate that includes more. If you want to get the best deal than the following are the 5 main things to look for and ask about when you are renting a vehicle. These tips can really help you save money in the long run.

1. LOOK FOR THE NAME. Many people are misled by unknown companies who offer better rates than the larger company. While these companies may serve a purpose if you need to lease for a day while your regular vehicle is in the shop, for the most part it is not a wise idea to use these companies when you are traveling a long distance or renting in a vacation destination. While out and about, you want a company with a name like Budget or Avis that you know will stand behind you if you have any problems on the road. Emergency road services for a local company may not exist and can leave you paying out all your vacation funds in car repairs.

2. Ask For A Copy Of The Rental Agreement: We are all so busy that wee often do not look at our rental agreements until we go to pick up the vehicle. Even then, we still do not read the agreement carefully as we are in a rush to get our trip started. Since the rental agreement is the most important aspect of your rental, as the company to send you a copy of the rental agreement prior to picking up the car so that you can read through it at your own leisurely pace.

3. CHECK THEM OUT. Although they may be a company you have heard of occasionally some locations function better than others, so be sure to check out the location with the Better Business Bureau and online to see what people are saying. This is a good way to get a feel for what you can expect from them before you rent.

4. Ask For Unlimited Mileage: Many companies do not offer unlimited mileage, unless you ask for it. Although it may seem like you will not need the unlimited mileage it is always better to take it, even if it cost a few dollars more. You do not want to discover someplace interesting while on your vacation and realize that it would cost you to much in the extra mileage to travel there. You also do not want to spend your vacation wondering how many miles you have driven and how much further you can go. Taking out the unlimited mileage will give you a piece of mind, and maybe even open up new locations to venture to.

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