Reasons For The High Market Success Of Lexus LS 600h

By Danny Green

Toyota motors are the manufacturers of the Lexus LS 600h. This model of the car is made with a combination of features such as reasonable price range, good fuel economy, luxury features, and above all, it is superbly eco-friendly.

The credit of the Lexus market success goes to the completely hybrid engine of this car attributed with the new ECO mode. Fuel economy must be assessed while leasing a car. Nowadays, the economic recession is gradually increasing due to which, there is a need to reduce the expenditures. Fuel rates are also alarming these days, so it is better to go for cars in which, the mineral oil is replaced with that of hybrid engines. Thus, hybrid cars are far better than the conventional cars.

Amazingly, engine in the Lexus Ls600h is smaller, but powerful enough to handle any driving situation. Unlike traditional heavyweight engines, it gets this extra 'power' from the electric motor and rechargeable battery. As the electric motors operate at a low speed (below 15mph), with zero emission, while gasoline engine operates at heavy acceleration or highway cruising, this is the best-suited economical car for urban driving.

Thirdly, the electric motor on a hybrid car works as a generator that can put, as well as draw, energy from the battery. Moreover, the gasoline engine alone never directly powers the car. Both the electric motor and the engine turn the wheels thus, lowering the fuel consumption and improving the fuel efficiency.

Another main reason behind the success of Lexus is the powerful air conditioning system. However, the fuel economy is greatly improved due to it. The outside temperature when increases more than 20 C, the recirculation mode start working, which decreases the power consumption.

Moreover, the air conditioning system also enhances the capability of the car to improve fuel consumption. There is a recirculation mode, which automatically starts working on external 20 C temperatures. During this, power consumption is reduced.

In addition to the efficient fuel consumption, it is an environment friendly model. Although the Hybrid Drive System is the same as was present in the earlier models in order to accomplish the Euro V exhaust emission standard. However, this Hybrid System helps in reducing up to 90% of the emissions. It serves as a milestone for the Green Car Revolution.

Last but not least, repacking of battery to free up more luggage space, quieter performance of new brakes system, exterior styling with bumper design and new four-bar grille make it a remarkably unique vehicle. LED turn signals and puddle lamps, with chrome highlights, a number of interior features, and some innovative features, such as a climate control system that measures body temperature using infrared sensor, also largely contribute to its high market profile. - 29952

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