How Helpful is an Engine Computer

By Zach Jacobs

When it comes to human inventions, cars are considered to be among the greatest. With this type of vehicle, traveling distant places with comfort is now possible. Getting tired by walking from one town to another is a thing of the past.

Saving a great amount of time is also among the benefits of cars. They are designed to run at speed of 80 kilometers per hour or even more, unlike humans who can run at only 25 to 30 kilometers per hour.

When you're traveling to far off places, you don't have to stop to make your car rest, which is among the most beneficial things about them. You just have to fill up your car's fuel tank and you can travel for hours or even days.

Nevertheless, cars are not made to last forever, just like all the other inventions of man. Eventually, you will find out that some of their parts are already broken. So, it is important to have your car checked at least twice a year in order to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the road while driving.

However, it is also very expensive to have your car regularly checked. Fortunately, a device known as an engine computer was developed in order to monitor your car's condition.

In order to make sure that the car is running at optimum capacity car engine computers use a variety of sensors such as air pressure sensor, engine temperature, throttle position, air temperature, etc.

Engine computers, as well as engine control modules are commonly installed in cars manufactured these days. If something is wrong with a car, the engine computer will be able to sense it.

An engine computer makes the "check engine" bulb light up in order to inform the driver. The best thing to do if you happen to receive this message is to go to an auto repair shop and have a mechanic check your car. The mechanic will know which part of car's engine has a malfunction just by reading the diagnostic code from the engine computer.

Another function of an engine computer is to give information to the driver about his car's performance. It keeps an eye on the amount of fuel left in the gas tank, the ignition timing and the spark plugs as well.

In order to keep the engine running at its maximum capacity, an engine computer and/or an engine control module can also manage fuel injectors and spark plugs. For lower emissions, this device also adjusts the parts of the car's engine. - 29952

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