EV Secrets - Gas To Electric Vehicle Conversion

By Jack Marshall

People have always worked on ways on how to get from Gas To Electric Vehicle Conversion. This is to get more advantages that a regular car doesn't usually provide. Having to get your car to be run on electricity would be cheaper and would somehow be hassle free when it comes to maintenance.

However, when you take a look at the prices of electric cars in the market, you will find that it is still quite expensive. This is the reason why people opt to have their cars to go from gas to electric vehicle conversion on their own.

The whole procedure is quite easy. You would first have to remove the internal combustion engine to replace it with a DC electric motor. Once this is done, all the other parts of the motor such as the gas tank, the fuel distribution systems, exhaust pipes, radiator and the fuel pump are also taken out in order to link the batteries to the existing transmission units. This is the start of gas to electric vehicle conversion.

Be careful not to misalign the motor shaft and the transmission core as this will make your car vibrate. Some even have their steel adapter plates customized in order to set up the motor. If you feel you are not up for this type of work, you can always get other people to do this for you.

Lead acid batteries are needed to run from gas to electric vehicle conversion since they are not too expensive and readily available. If you get your batteries to fully charge, you can actually get to drive your vehicle for 150 miles before recharging. In order to get more distance, you can install more batteries or you can try to make your car lighter. It is better to use reconditioned batteries or recycled ones in order to save up. - 29952

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