Car Insurance -- Things You Ought To Understand

By Chimezirim Gabriel Odimba

By buying a car insurance policy, you are entering into a contact with the insurance company. If your car meets with an accident, you will be eligible for compensation for the losses under the contract. Your part of the contract is to pay the premium.

Car insurance covers property, liability and medical coverage. In case of damage to or theft of your car, property coverage will pay for the losses. Your legal responsibility for bodily injury or property damage caused by your car is taken care of by liability coverage.

The medical coverage will pay for the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages and funeral expenses.

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The validity of most car insurance policies is six months to one year. When the validity is over, you must renew the policy.

State laws mandate that your have some form of car insurance if you own or operate a car.

Different states have different penalties for driving a car without insurance. In some states, your car will be impounded. There are heavy fines in some states. Serious trouble. That's what's in store for you if your car is involved in an accident with insurance. You will be financially responsible for paying for any injuries or damages out of your own pocket.

Your credit history, the age and type of your car are also vital factors in determining the rate you have to pay for car insurance.

It is your responsibility to provide insurance for any car you own regardless of who is operating the vehicle. It is illegal for cars to be operated without insurance.

Finally, a few savings tips...

1. Although this may sound funny, you can bring down your rates by getting married. I know you won't get married just for this but when you do, it will save you a bit in auto insurance. There is evidence to show that married people are a lot more stable than their unmarried counterparts. This makes them more careful on the road and, therefore, a better risk to insurers. Insurers will tell you that their records show that married people make fewer claims. Furthermore, when they do make those claims, they usually cost less on the average than those married by their unmarried counterparts.

2. "Pimping your ride" does NOT help if you want lower rates. Doing such reduces your car's safety and, therefore, warrants higher rates as far as the insurer is concerned.

3. Do you know that some folks are paying much more in auto insurance because of where their homes are? Do you know also know that homes within the same neighbor might actually fall into different risk zones according to the insurance industry's mapping?

So check with your agent before you commit to a new home. The truth is that most people don't think about this when they are about buying a home.

Since you may live in the same home for decades to come, a difference of $200 in auto insurance rates would amount to thousands over the years.

4. Never leave your car unlocked and running while you dash in to get something. This simple act makes it very easy for thieves. Remember, they look for easy targets. An unlocked car with the engine running? What could be easier?

5. Using your parents' auto insurance policy is an option for you an under 25. The fact that you are of driving age means that your parents are of a better risk age group.

There are two conditions that you must fulfill for this to be possible: The vehicle must be registered in your parents' name and you must live with them. This means that by law they own the car. If the benefits of "independence" outweigh your car insurance savings then this is certainly not alternative for you. - 29952

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