Power Shift In Hybrid Cars

By Danny Green

The growing concern of pollutant emissions caused by the exhausts of the cars has been trying to resolve it by introducing hybrid cars. The best way to control global warming is the development and augmentation of hybrid cars.

The combination of two things to produce one is known as hybrid. The hybrid cars are those cars, which use two kinds of engine to get power including gasoline, and electricity. Because of their environmental friendly feature, government has been also providing incentives to produce these cars at massive scale. This is one of the reasons because of which, this new technology is gaining momentum.

Today, hybrid cars are designed in a better way, and it has become possible because of the advancements in technology, and continuous research, and development. The car manufacturers have developed their own teams, which are working to bring further improvements in the hybrid cars thereby, promoting the aim of 'green' economy.

Automobile manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Saturn, and Lexus are among the first few that worked hard to provide the consumers with hybrid cars. The goal of the introduction of such cars in the market is to diminish the carbon footprint by the implementation of lower fuel cost, and decreased emissions.

The customers are attracted to buy hybrid cars through different social messages, and promotions such as 'make your tomorrow green' banner. Furthermore, incentives such as tax credits and good gas mileage have been provided to attract customers. Since various companies have introduced hybrid cars therefore, it is expected that the affordability of customers for hybrid cars will increase soon.

Power shift is a platform for hybrid driving systems. With its unique modular design, power shift allows the integration of two different types of electric motors to provide maximum amount of flexibility. This Power shift technology enables the already growing global trend towards owning hybrid cars. Apart from this, power shifts also provide new possibilities for car manufacturers to instill more driving fun in the cars as well. The high efficiency of the dual clutch transmission makes the hybrid cars thrifty, and fun, and acts as attractants for a wider range of consumers.

The difference between a hybrid car and a normal vehicle is that the hybrid car provides the consumer a choice of gas power, and electric power to switch between the two. In electric mode, the car produces zero carbon emissions while using not an ounce of gasoline, which serves to save the environment and the budget of the car owner.

The immense gas mileages that these cars offer are an example of their being immensely economical vehicles. The downside to these amazing environment friendly cars is the cost. These hybrid cars are extremely expensive with the cheapest priced at a whopping USD 21000 while other better versions exceed the USD 100, 000 marks. In addition, reliability of these vehicles has not been tested, as they have not been around in the market for so long that they ran out of warranties. Hybrid cars are still under research and are being perfected at every stage to produce an environment friendly car that is not heavy on the atmosphere of the earth. - 29952

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