Cheaper Vehicle Insurance Rate -- Steps That Make It Easier To Attract

By Chimezirim Gabriel Odimba

You can save a great deal if you understand how to get the lowest quotes (This piece will teach you how). But while that is very crucial, there are a lot of other factors you have to consider if you plan to get the best rates. Here are several of them...

1. Never leave your car unlocked and running while you dash in to get something. This simple act makes it very easy for thieves. Every thief checks how easy a target is before making a move. An unlocked car with the engine running? What could be easier?

Cheap Auto Insurance

2. Using your parents' car insurance policy is a good option for you an under twenty five. If you are of driving age, then your parents certainly are far above twenty five years which means they are lower risk drivers.

You have to bear in mind, though, that the vehicle must be registered in their name and you must be living with them if you want to use this option. This means that by law they own the vehicle. If the benefits of "independence" outweigh your auto insurance savings then this is definitely not an option for you.

3. Do your best to always drive carefully. It's a wise decision to NOT drive at all if you've taken alcohol(even if it's simply a sip.

If you're convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) you'll NOT see low rates for some years. And don't ignore little things like speeding tickets because they cost you a lot more than what you pay as fines. They eventually increase your rate. For your safety then and lower rates, never violate any traffic law notwithstanding how negligible you think it is.

4. You are certainly spending more than necessary if you've got collision and comprehensive coverage types for an old car that's not a classic. This is because you're reimbursed based on what is called the Kelly Blue Book value of your vehicle at the time you make a claim. So even if you have paid your premiums diligently for several years but the Kelly Blue Book value says your vehicle has zero value, you will get a dime from the insurance company and they will be totally protected by the law.

Therefore, stop frittering away your money. The moment a vehicle gets old, discontinue collision and comprehensive coverage on it. You will save much if you do this.

5. Move up your deductible and you will attract cheaper rates. The recommended choice is the highest you can provide easily.

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