Car Insurance Ladies - Why Women Have the Advantage

By Enrico Medina

Car insurance companies prefer ladies because they are considered much less risky drivers. Proper statistics show that they do get into more accidents compared to men but these accidents are typically just minor ones. Minor scratches here and there and occasional bumps.

Before, ladies were considered a higher risk than men. It was assumed than men are better drivers and get into car accidents less. Until recent statistics popped up and disproved this theory. Yes there maybe more lady drivers involved in accidents, but these are just minor and seldom result into a total wreck.

It is rare that you see a lady get involve in a serious car accident like total wrecks. They are ofter the victim of minor scratches and light bumps. It is the men that are more prone to serious accidents.

Car insurance for ladies can be found from general car insurance companies or companies which focus on womens policies. Just like any other product though, its always good to compare prices between companies and policies.

There are a couple of sites out in the internet which lists a couple of these insurances so the general public can make a good and sound decision.

Women as statistics show, drive fewer miles than men and thus the chance of getting into an accident is less likely. This kind of advantage is worth mentioning when looking and haggling for premiums, giving a woman an advantage in most cases. Also with them driving fewer miles, in most cases, their car is in better condition as opposed to those driven by drag racers and reckless drivers.

Ladies also are more organized and clean as compared to men. This also helps with their cars as this results into less repairs and cheaper bills overall.

Ladies car insurance is only for the ladies by the way. They can get cheaper insurance for their cars thanks to the general outlook on women. Overall, women are less risky for insurance companies.

Women are less likely to file large monetary complaints against their insurance company since they do get into serious accidents less. In return, they are offered discounts by the insurance company. - 29952

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