What Is Classic Car Insurance?

By Carla James

Vintage cars are of great historical value. You would often see that the car owners driving the vintage cars have a proud smile on their face. Therefore it is very important to value to car correctly while getting the vintage car insurance. These types of cars are categorized into three types. The cars manufactured before 1903 are called Veteran cars. The cars built between 1903 and 1933 are called Vintage Cars. The cars built between 1933 and 1973 are called classic cars.

As a general rule, any car which was manufactured more than thirty five years ago can be classified as a classic car. It is very important to insure your classic or vintage car against all types of damages and thefts. You can get the car insurance form any car insurance company but it is generally advised to get it from a company which specializes in a vintage car insurance.

Finding the right insurance company is important since they will be able to value the car in a much better and professional way. This value is called agreed value of the car. In case of theft and non recovery or total loss, you should be getting this amount from your insurance company.

The insurance company will consider a few things while deciding the value and premium amount for your car. Some of these include the age and make of the car, the driving history of owner, the cost of repair and spare parts, the way the car is kept and maintained. Since these are vintage cars, they are expected to be kept nicely in a garage instead of pavement or road.

Most of the times, these cars are not driven much. The mileage on these classic cars is pretty less. The insurance agency may put an annual limit on mileage on these cars which can range anywhere between 1000 and 5000 miles. These cars are not used for commuting purposes and are used rarely only in exhibitions etc. Since these classic cars are precious for the owners, it is wise to take a complete car insurance package specially designed for such types of cars. - 29952

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