Characters Toys For Collectors Or For Fun

By Rudy H. Pantera

Characters toys have several different beginnings. Additionally, they are available in several types. While many characters toys are bought by collectors others will buy them to complete a collection.

If you think about the sources of characters toys, you may realize that there are many. Some come from cartoons, while others come from television shows. Still even others may come from books or movies. Sometimes the toy came first and then the show followed. One example of this is Barbie.

The popularity of some toys follows a cycle. Parents sometimes like to buy the toys that they grew up with for their children. Strawberry Shortcake went into hiding for about fifteen years and then started being found on toy store aisles again six to eight years ago, as the young ladies that had played with the Strawberry Shortcake dolls became moms for the first time.

Once a character becomes popular, you will find that characters toys in many kinds and shapes. One of the most popular is the action figure. These toys are made of molded plastic and normally have arms and legs that move. Some specialized action figures may be able to move hands and have joints at the elbows or knees.

Plush toys are also often in the shape of characters toys. These toys are often soft with polyester fiber filling. Plush toys had their beginning as teddy bears, but today can be found in almost anything. You can find plush toys in footballs, Barbie purses, Easter baskets, animals and of course your favorite characters.

Beanies are a special form of plush toys. They have polyester beads as a part of their filling. The beads make them poseable and allows them to sit up. Beanies are very popular with collectors.

Other characters toys include games. Many times the game will follow familiar rules from another child's game, but be branded with the characters to make it special.

Do not forget that there are many coloring books as well as other craft kits that will reflect your favorite characters from television or movies.

Bedroom accessories are even available in character themes. You will find sheets and comforters as well as many other accessories. You can go wild in decorating a child's bedroom in theme.

In order to keep the collector's value of characters toys, they cannot be taken out of the packages. If you want toys for play and collecting, you will want to be sure that you buy duplicates. The story of the Velveteen rabbit reminds us that to become real that toys have to have their fur rubbed off and their stuffing smashed. This means that they are no longer in mint condition. If you want collectors toys, then keep them in mint condition by keeping them in the original box for the best value.

No matter what your age, from child to adult, character toys may be a source of you for your life.

Of you are having difficulty finding the character toys you desire locally, make sure that you also check online in order to find some of the latest character toys. If you want vintage characters toys, you can often find them online. - 29952

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