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By Randy Roedl

Are Diesel Engines More Efficient

When many people think of sulfur based diesel engines, they think of huge semi-trucks and huge gas prices. However, sulfur based diesel engines can be very efficient.

Vehicles with diesel engines tend to have increased fuel efficiency. In fact, many of the are on par to smaller cars when it comes to gas mileage. Diesel engines are able to burn fuel at increased temperatures, higher then traditional gas engines. This helps the engine become more fuel efficient. The more efficient the fuel is, the greater it lasts. Drivers will be able to drive longer or less fuel. As gas prices, including diesel fuel, continue to rise, the more miles a car can run, the money that has to be spent on fuel.

Diesel is also more dense then regular gas. It takes a lower amount of fuel to achieve the same power as traditional gasoline. This greatly increases the efficiency of diesel fuel which makes it an attractive alternate to regular gasoline.

Even with all of these benefits, diesel engines have not become especially popular in the United States. For one thing, prices for diesel fuel are higher then regular gasoline. Also, not every fueling station has a diesel pump, although more and more then are popping up. Diesel engine vehicles may also get a bad rap from problems associated with earlier models, namely that they were loud and gave off a lot of soot. Technology has sensed remedied a great deal of these problems. Diesel engines which are manufactured today are quite, burns clean and not much soot is anywhere to be found. Also today, only clean diesel fuel is used in the United States.

While diesel fuel is more expensive then regular fuel, there are some real advantages. Diesel fuel burns clean and is more efficient then regular gasoline. However, the high prices of diesel fuel make purchasing a diesel engine car less attractive. There are diesel engine alternatives that can make fuel cheaper. Biodiesel is one of those options.

Because diesel fuel is more dense then regular gasoline, it takes less of it to achieve the same power. This accounts for its' better fuel efficiency. However a major disadvantage to using diesel fuel lately is that it is more expensive.

It will cost more to purchase sulfur based diesel gas. For many people, with gas prices already being so high, the idea of purchasing a car that runs on sulfur based diesel is unappealing. This was not always the case. Sulfur based diesel, historically was cheaper then gasoline. It has only been the last few years where sulfur based diesel costs have eclipsed those of gas.

Individuals that already have diesel truck Motors may be looking for alternatives to decrease their costs. Eco-friendly biodiesel is one of the options that is receiving increased consideration. Eco-friendly biodiesel uses cooking oils to fuel diesel truck Motors. These oils can be gathered free from restaurants or include left over oil that a person has used themselves. Because the materials to create eco-friendly biodiesel can be had cheaply, it is becoming an good-looking option for more and more individuals. - 29952

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