Valentine Radar Detectors - The Best Technology For Your Money

By Christopher Omandam Encabo

If you are on the market for a good radar detector, there are limited choices to choose from that are reliable and have the reputation to back up that reliability.

As such, it is important to do your research prior to purchasing your unit to ensure you are truly getting the best technology for your money.

One series of detector units that are currently dominating the industry are Valentine radar detectors. This is true due to many factors. We will, however, touch only on the innovative technology and why it sets these units above the rest.

To begin, Valentine radar detectors are the only models in the market currently have frontward and rearward antennas. This offers the owner 360 degrees of radar detection around the vehicle.

Upon encountering a threat using the extremely powerful range presented by these frontward and rearward sensors, the antennae will communicate with an on board computer that pinpoints the location of where the threats are coming from, followed by an alarm.

A display shows you exactly what threats are triggering the alarm, allowing you to determine if you need to defend against, or shrug the threats off.

This system allows the owner to decide if the signals being tracked are threatening. If you have owned a detector in the past, you will understand the importance of this feature.

To Sum It Up

Valentine radar detectors offer one of the most advanced warning systems to date. If you are someone who seeks the best of the best, and have some money to spend, these detectors are the right choice.

Also, Valentine radar detectors come with the company upgrade policy that allows for the owner to send the detector back in to be retro fitted with the latest upgrades in software and hardware, making it so you never have to buy another radar detector again! - 29952

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