Why To Buy Hybrid Cars?

By Danny Green

Since the environmental conditions were on the verge of disaster, the environmentalists started concentrating on the need to control the conditions. It was seen that gas emission is the major factor that must be controlled first. Therefore, the auto-manufacturers put their utmost efforts in making the automobiles somewhat environmental friendly. The gasoline was replaced by the engines running on batteries in order to reduce the gas emission.

Hybrid cars are defined as the vehicles that can easily run on electricity and gasoline engines. Since above ninety percent of the pollution has been controlled by these cars, they are considered to be eco-friendly. Ordinary cars emit gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur, and carbon monoxide. These gases are not only dangerous for health but also increase the risks of respiratory diseases, and hypersensitivity. These cars are more eco-friendly than the ordinary cars as they run on the electricity engines rather than gasoline.

Hybrid cars have been exempted from tax payment. This tax write-off makes these cars more consumer attractive than the gasoline driven cars. However, gasoline driven cars have readily available spare parts as compared to the electricity cars. These electricity driven cars have quite expensive parts. This definitely gives the hybrid cars an edge on the other cars. However, the repair and replacement of the part of the gasoline driven cars is expensive, while that of hybrid cars is free of cost.

The depreciation rate is lower in hybrid cars as compared to the other cars. This advantage keeps the value of the hybrid cars higher. The hybrid cars provide higher fuel economy. There are innovations made to replace gasoline with vegetable oils, solar energy, water and ethanol.

In Japan, hybrid cars were launched in the year 1997. Thus, Japan is the pioneer of hybrid cars. To keep up with the fuel economy regulation, it is essential to sustain at least 27.5 mpg mileage of these cars.

Hybrid cars have free repairing and replacement of the spares. Ethanol is considered to be beneficial for the environment as it is produced from the remains of sugarcane. Also, it is more eco-friendly than gasoline. On the other hand, the use of vegetable oil is controversial all over the world as it may lead to the shortage of food.

The automobile manufacturers are using the ideas proposed by the environmentalists in order to make more eco-friendly vehicles. Moreover, they strive to make vehicles that are more affordable, fuel efficient, advanced, spacious, and durable.

The manufacturing of the hybrid cars is such that it rarely calls for any repairing. The advantages associated with these cars are more than their disadvantages. The fear of gasoline and vegetable oil shortage is not there anymore. Anyhow, innovations take time to be accepted. - 29952

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