Auto Insurance -- Tips To Get Lower Rates

By Chimezirim Gabriel Odimba

I'll share more tips anyone can use to get big discounts without putting themselves at risk. Here they are with a precaution you mustn't fail to note...

1. You'll save by being loyal to an insurer due to the long term discount and accident forgiveness which they give to long-standing policy holders. Some insurers will give you up to 5% in discounts once you've been with them for up to three years while others will give you such a discount only when you've stayed for up to five.

Furthermore, if a long term policy holder files just one claim, most insurers will NOT raise their rates thereafter. It makes sense for the insurer as it is cheaper to give discounts to existing policy holders than to acquire new ones.

But it will only be right for me to also point out that in spite of these incentives, you might actually gain more if you switch to another insurer.

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Let us assume your auto insurance premium with your current insurance provider is $2,500 you will get a discount of about 5 percent or $125 if you stay for at least 3 years.

However, know that your rates may be raised to reflect the effect of inflation. But while you're at it, an insurer somewhere could be prepared to give you a rate of $2,000 or less at the moment. In such a case, it will be pointless to continue because you are after a discount years later when you can enjoy lower rates immediately.

But believe it or not, most people can pay a lot less with another insurer if they'll only make out time to shop right.. Since the process of getting and comparing auto insurance quotes involves just minutes, I'll wonder why you will not do that instantly and get lower auto insurance rates immediately.

2. You will reduce your auto insurance premium if you have an outstanding credit rating. Folks who have poor credit pay higher rates for every form of insurance and that is also true for auto insurance. This is because insurers regard individuals who default in payments as reckless and a risk to them. For some insurance carriers it is a pattern they believe you might repeat with them in premium defaults. Once you're seen as bad risk you will attract higher auto insurance premiums.

3. You will get a lower rate if you choose high deductibles. The best option is the highest you can provide easily.

Just take note that this is what you would have to contribute if you file a claim.

4. grab every opportunity to NOT drive your vehicle since this will reduce your mileage and, by consequence, your rate. This relates more to people whose work and place of residence make it easy for them to use standard mass transit networks.

Another recommended alternative for people who want to cut down their mileage is carpooling.

5. Some insurers will give you a discount if you join an auto club. Don't let the size of the discount this may get you stop you from taking advantage of it if it makes sense in your situation. - 29952

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