EV Secrets Review - Gavin Shoebridge Electric Car Conversion

By Jack Marshall

Electric cars are one of the simplest forms of self-propelled motorized transportation. The engine or the driving mechanism of an electric car is made up of a series of batteries attached to an on and off switch that in turn is attached to an electrically operated motor. Having a low center of gravity, an electric car offers a singular driving experience with excellent handling and quick initial acceleration. Using an electric car makes it easy to climb curbs and steep inclines, and make sharp turns.

Electric cars are very simple in overall construction and so they can be built by anyone. But if you?re looking for a manual that will teach you exactly how to do it, EV Secrets is the thing for you.

This easy-to-read ebook will take you step-by-step through every single element of planning, implementing, and succeeding with your own EV conversion. You will see how easy it can be to start building your own electric car today and save thousands of dollars in fuel each year while also playing your part for the environment.

The ebook will teach you help you in deciding on your electric car needs and budget, selecting a donor car, selecting the batteries, selecting the controller, and selecting the motor. It will teach you the three common voltage conversions and provide you with early cost reduction options to choose from. It will teach you how to dismantle the donor car, install the motor, install the controller, install a heater, install the batteries, install the charging system, put it all together, power up your electric vehicle, and prepare your electric car for the road. It will also provide you with an EV checklist, exclusive parts suppliers list, and electric conversion master plan.

Electric cars are environment-friendly means of transportation that are very worthy of investing in. Similarly, EV Secrets is a good investment. Learn the secrets of EV conversion for less than the cost of a tank of gas. - 29952

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