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By Graham McKenzie

You can be the best driver, but never be totally safe in your car. Let?s face facts, sooner or later someone is going to hit your car, that?s why car insurance is mandatory when you?re driving your car.

Car insurance is a kind of insurance which covers the harm done to the car and also takes care of the damage done due to the other person?s vehicle. Car insurance includes a great number of features which differs with the type of insurance purchased. Car insurance includes a premium that is the money that the client needs to pay in order to get his car insurance. This amount also differs with the different insurance types and across the different companies that offer such insurance.

Insurance companies are built on an industry of interpreting risk, based on their statistics they have ways to set a price to each individual customer. For instance if you are a male you are statistically more likely to be in an accident compared to a woman, as a result you may pay more. If you are a teenager, statistics say you are more prone to accidents, and will likely soon, thus their costs are higher then a normal persons. There are ways to reduce these costs, and they involve simple things like defensive driving courses. The more you show insurance companies you?re not a liability, the better your rates will be.

All auto insurance policies have a deductible. The deductible is the part of the policy that the client is responsible for paying in case of damages. Most insurance policies don't take care of all the expenses. The insured person is required to pay for a portion of the damages, the amount purely depends on the type of policy opted for. In case of bad car crashes, there are policies that cover the heavy cost of repairs too. If the car is beyond repair then a cash value is worked out and paid to the insured person. Of course these attract higher rates of premium and deductibles.

In case of an accident, it is quite possible that the individual as well as the car are badly hurt. Just by purchasing car insurance the person can make sure that he would at least not have to bear the damage done to the car and this gives a lot of relief to the person as it reduces his financial accountability during bad times as he just has to take care of himself. He can enjoy such relief only because he has taken a wise step of purchasing car insurance in the past.

World wide, insurance coverage has become so important that countries abroad fine or even jail those uninsured. It?s viewed as the safest cushioning blow to an economically hazardous situation.

But tt all boils down to something however, who else is going to pay the bill in the event the other one doesn?t? So do the right thing, shop for the right coverage, and know that when you drive you?ll be helping everyone, including yourself. - 29952

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