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By A R Thompson

Since 1957 Harley Davidson have been produced a motorcycle titled the Sporster, yet it was not until 1986 that the first Harley 883 rolled off of their production line. For many people who would like to own a Harley Davidson then the 883 is the ideal choice as it is the most inexpensive of all the models that this motorcycle now produce.

Today there are eight different models of the Sportster Harley Davidson available along with the four versions of the 883 there are three versions of the 1200 and of course the XL50. The XL 50 was introduced to the market as a celebration of Harley Davidson producing the Sportster for 50 years.

The four versions of the 883 Sportster that are now offered by one of the most well recognized custom motorcycles in the world today are as follows:-

1. XL Sportster 833 - which is the least expensive of all these models available and will cost between $6,595 and $7,990. 2. XL Sportster 833 Low - this bike although is slightly more expensive than the original version will only cost you between $6,995 and $8,390. 3. XL Sportster 883 Custom - another really great looking version of this model and will only cost between $7,795 and $9,555. 4. XL Sportster 883R - This is the final version of this particular model of Harley Davidson motorcycle now available and will cost you anything from $7,795 and up to as much as $9,090.

However as well as Harley Davidson bringing out a number of different 883 models they have also spent time improving the way it feels when you ride it. Along with an enlarged rear axle which has improved these bikes stability, this motorcycle company has made improvements to the frame. Now all the engines are mounted on to rubber rather than directly on to the frame and this has helped to reduce the amount of vibration that the engine causes.

Along with the changes previously mentioned there are other changes which have been made to this particular custom motorcycle. Gone is the chain drive to be replaced with a belt drive on all models and it also comes with a helical cut transmission unit. This results in reduction in the amount of gear whine that all Harley Davidson motorcycles use to make. Then in 2007 they changed their bikes engines from being carburetted to them being fuel injected.

So if you are looking for a Harley Davidson motorcycle that isn't going to break the bank but will still offer you the same ride quality and prestige that the other Harley Davidson motorcycles have to offer. Then it is about time you seriously considered getting yourself a Harley 883.

So if you want to feel the wind rushing past your face just like Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda did in Easy Rider. Then why not seriously consider looking at purchasing a Harley 883 as your next motorcycle purchase. - 29952

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