Can You Run Your Car On Water?

By Aaryn Obruchev

Can you really run your car on water? Seeing as how so many things that have been stated on the internet that are not true. Many people will have problems understanding that there is actually fact to this claim.

It's because of those scams that are around that many people will think this is not true. But when you begin looking around be warned there are really two scams out there. Beware for those people who lie about the whole thing and say it works.

First will be the scammer who knows the offer they are making isn't real, they will only lie about it. The second will be someone who really isn't aware of all the right information and will not place true facts. Though they may actually believe they are offering you the right things.

However, due to these two things many people will now feel that you can't run your car on water. But in reality you will be able to run your car on water, although it will only be a partial running on water.

Since there really are no perpetual motion machines around, well there aren't. See that would be a direct violation of those rules that are set in place by thermodynamics. However, when you see water and gas mixture it is a true statement.

This process is done through the use of electrolysis, and it's a basic type of electrolysis at that. Your water will become electrolyzed by using an electrical current that will be sent by the battery or alternator of a car. When that happens the gas is going to separate and turn into HHO gas.

This HHO gas will be pulled or even pushed into the car's intake system and will go along with the gas to be burned. Since you're not using as much gas, guess what? That's right you will have more gas mileage through the combination of HHO gas and normal gas.

HHO gas will be much cleaner than gasoline being burned, only a bit of water vapor will be emitted. Information of this technology has been around for years, in fact as early as the 1700s.

Scientist have been studying the use of electrolysis actually since the 1700s. So it's a method that has been around for years. In the 60s William Rhodes got a patent for a machine that used electrolysis to work. And again in 1970s another patent was applied for by Yull Brown. His machine worked in much the same way as Rhodes did. In fact both methods have now been used for welding technology for several years.

The method has now been changed into the term Hydrogen fuel injection, and is endorsed by the National Hydrogen Association. It's something that many people are looking forward to being placed into vehicles. There are even some manufacturers who are currently using this in vehicles with results that have been positive.

Look for the true statements about running a car on water, know the facts. You won't be taken for a scam when you know the right information about this type of technology. - 29952

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