The JVC Car CD Player - model KD-PDR30

By Jacob Peterson

Are you looking for a superior in-car audience experience? Look no more. Its as simple as saying JVC, and you've got sound that's just very cool. You'll probably notice that more and more of your friends are happy to come along for the ride, whether you've got a sunroof or like fast speeds, or not. And that's because the JVC sound experience is where its at.

A superior in-car audio sound, JVC has a range of JVC car audio CD players which will ensure you are constantly entertained. Many of the JVC CD Players offer you built-in bluetooth wireless connection technology, which gives you hands free call, voice recognition dialing, SMS display, and phone book transfer.

The model JVC KD-PDR30 is probably what you would call middle of the JVC range. You're getting sophisticated sound but by no means their priciest car CD player out there.

The KD-PDR30, which is iPod-ready, plays MP3/WMA files which have been recorded on CD discs, and can tune into AM/FM radio stations. You do want to keep your iPod list relatively light, so that you find your favorite songs with relative ease. In terms of sound quality, the JVC CD player built-in amp delivers 20w of decent output.

The KD-PDR30 comes with a bright display that can be dimmed when its a particularly sunny day out. Its simple faceplate design comes with an innovative D-pad, and an infrared remote control. And it comes with neat features like the automatic reload feature. If an disc is ejected but isn't removed within 15 seconds, its reloaded to protect it from gathering dust.

As for anti-theft systems, the faceplate is detachable, which is one of the preferred anti-theft measures out there.

If you're looking to purchase a new car CD Player, do check out their full range. If you already know, you want iPod-compatibility, the KD-PDR30 is definitely worth a look at. Even better, you'll want to give it a listen. - 29952

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